Crew FAQ

Q. What should I pack?
You can check out our Crew Packing list here.

Q. How do I get around each day?
A. We provide all your transportation. You will travel with us by the bus.

Q. Can I be a crew for only part of the journey?
A. Remember that you are responsible for your own transportation to arrive late and leave early.

Q. Can a cyclist be my roommate?
A. Yes! If you are coming with another cyclist, you can indicate your roommate for the two nights. If you are coming on your own, we will try our best to pair you with another participant of your same gender to share a hotel room. If you prefer to have your own hotel room, this can be arranged for an additional cost.

Q. Will I be able to participate in the closing ceremony?
A. Yes, all crews are encouraged to participate in the closing ceremony.

Join Us and be a rainbow Crew

If you are passionate about supporting the LGBT+ community in Asia and want to be part of a transformative experience that promotes love and acceptance, join us as a Crew member for ASIA Rainbow Ride. Together, we can make a difference and uplift the movement across Asia.