The crew is the strongest support for the cyclists. Throughout the 3-day journey, the crews accompany the cyclists to the end of each day’s route, assisting them at various supply stations to replenish water and energy. By cheering on the cyclists, the supply team ensures they are full of vitality, encouraging them to continue pedaling forward with determination!

What is a Crew Member?

Crew members are the backbone of ASIA Rainbow Ride, volunteering their time and energy to make this event a reality. Each Crew member is an essential part of a team working together to ensure the smooth operation of the ride.


The Crew community, consisting of 10 passionate individuals, will be divided into specialized teams to handle various tasks crucial for the event’s success. From logistics and support to communication and safety, each role is integral to creating a memorable experience for all participants.

Training and Preparation

To prepare for the event, Crew members are expected to attend a virtual orientation pre-event that are beginner-friendly and designed to help you connect with your roles. These sessions will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill your role effectively.

Join Us and be a rainbow Crew

If you are passionate about supporting the LGBT+ community in Asia and want to be part of a transformative experience that promotes love and acceptance, join us as a Crew member for ASIA Rainbow Ride. Together, we can make a difference and uplift the movement across Asia.