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We are looking for interns and volunteers who are passionate about building a world-class charity bike ride in Taiwan for the LGBT community. Gain valuable international non-profit experience and work with a fun team!

The beginning of our movement

In March 2020, Lisa did the Tour of Taiwan, a week long bike ride circumnavigating the island. She came back with a vision to start a charity bike ride in Asia similar to the experience of the AIDS Lifecycle in California. She reached out to her friends in Shanghai and Taipei who jumped on board right away, believing that together we could create an experience to change lives in Asia. 

Come be part of this movement and join us!

Lisa and Jenni

Lisa and Jenni Dazols are San Franciscans who now reside in Taipei. In 2012, they traveled to 15 countries to interview LGBT leaders around the world to create their documentary film, Out & Around. Their TED talk  “This is what LGBT Life is like around the World”  has been viewed over 2.5 million times. Jennifer and Lisa met in 2008 while participating as cyclists on the California AIDS Lifecycle. 

Olivia Wu and Eve Teo are a Taiwanese/American and Singaporean and couple living in Taipei. Eve and Olivia run the Light Program Red House which is a wellness healing center in Taipei. Olivia has been an organizer in the Taiwanese LGBT community the past decade and was most visible as the manager of the lesbian hub in Taipei, the Love Boat Shop. 

Charlene Liu and Darick Qin are a Malaysian and Chinese couple who are based in Shanghai. Charlene is co-founder of Shanghai Pride and founder of Ladies who Tech, an organization for women in STEM. Darick is Director of Operations at Shanghai Pride. In 2019 Darick completed the California AIDS Lifecycle Trainee Program and felt called to bring the spirit of this ride to Asia.

Originally from Tainan, Ruby currently lives in Taipei and works as a freelancer. She made a short film about the LGBT+ community in Beijing with some friends at school, and has therefore become interested in LGBT+ rights. Besides human rights, Ruby also pays close attention to environmental sustainability.

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