How many people are going?

We will have 36 cyclists. The bike tour company will have 5 tour guides and a combination of a bus, bike transport vehicle, and van to support us.

Where do we meet on the 24th?

6:30am: We gather in front of the Red House in Ximen.

Address: No. 10, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108

By Taipei MRT:
Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Blue Line to MRT Ximen Station. Red House Ximending is about one minute walk from exit no.1 of MRT Ximen Station.

6:45: We begin our Opening Ceremonies. We will have coffee and a snack for you.

7:00: We walk together to the bus pick up a few blocks away that will take us to Fulong.

What if I bring my own bike?

Please bring a bike helmet if you are bringing your own bike. We will have a truck to transport your bike.

Please note: We do not recommend folding bikes for this riding distance. We are unable to transport bicycles built for two. If you bring an e-bike, you are responsible for your own power charge.

If I am renting a bike from you, what does my bike rental include?

If you rent a bike from us, your rental will include a hybrid bike with road tires, bike helmet, water bottle, and a small bike pouch that can hold sunscreen and a wallet.

What if something happens to my bike?

One of the tour guides is a bike mechanic. The tour company also brings a spare bike.

How hard is the ride and what is the route like?  

The ride is about 50% road cycling along cars and 50% on bike routes away from cars. There is about 300 meters of elevation everyday with rolling hills. This is not a particularly hilly ride.

You can expect about 3.5-5 hours of time riding your bicycle each day. This is a ride, not a race, so there will be frequent stops and a one hour lunch break. The bike guides will try to allow for different paces while also maintaining us as a group.

We recommend that you join us on our training rides leading up to this event. It’s also a great way to meet the new friends you’ll spend the weekend with in October.

What if I can’t finish the ride?

We expect that all participants complete the bike ride. However, if you have an injury or feel that your health is at risk, you and your bike will be transported by the support van.

What will I eat?

We recommend you eat a light breakfast the morning of the 24th. Your tour includes lunch and dinner on the 24th as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the 25th. There will be plenty of snacks and beverages during the bike ride. We have noted your dietary preferences.

Where do we park our bikes at night?

The hotel will give us a group parking spot for the bikes. If you are bringing your own bike of high value, we recommend you keep it in your hotel room.

How do I pack?

Please check out our packing list to prepare you for your trip. Bring no more than one suitcase that will be transported directly to the hotel. You can also bring a small backpack that you will have access to during the lunch break.

Can I bring my children?

Given the distance of the ride, this event is for adults only.

Can my spouse, partner, friend, or children come visit me for dinner on Saturday the 24th?

We will be having a group dinner along with a short presentation together on Saturday night at the Loft restaurant across the street from the hotel beginning at 7:00. Please let us know ahead of time that you’d like us to include your dinner guest, and we can arrange the purchase of an additional meal.

What time do we get back on Sunday?

We expect to be back at Ximen around 5:30. We then will have a closing ceremony and dinner at Mudan at from approximately 5:30- 8:00. It is a private dinner for our group. Please let us know ahead of time if you’d like to bring one spouse, partner, or friend.

What happens if there is a typhoon?

The tour company would make the decision of cancelling the tour based on what the city government decides, then of course the tour would be canceled and people’s money will be refunded.